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I have just seen, amongst the photos on the web site, a photo of a group of kids at St Teresa’s Circa 1949. In that photo is a teacher, Ruth McCarthy, as a young woman. She was my aunt, as my mother and she are sisters.

I believe that the photo would probably have been taken in 1946. I commenced school at St Teresa’s in 1948 and she certainly was not there then. I cannot recall her being there in 1947 either as I do not recall my parents mentioning her being there. Hence I believe it was in 1946. She would have been 19 or 20. Ruth passed away this year in May.

There are several names that I remember from Kyneton in that photo but as we left Kyneton in 1954 many names have slipped away. I can remember Frank Hanrahan and last saw him when I was living in Wangaratta. I had umpired the seconds game between Yarrawonga and Wodonga at Yarrawonga and he was playing in the seniors. At 3/4 time I went onto the ground and spoke to him. That was in 1964.

I can recall winning the under 8 cross country in 1951. If memory serves me correctly we ran from the school to the Wesley corner, then along Ebden St to Simpson St, then up to the hospital, along Wedge St and then back up Hutton St to the school. O the same day Peter Main won the seniors cross country. For winning I got a small book but the name of it has slipped away.

You mentioned in the email about me still having hair. You must have the emails mixed up as I have very little hair.