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Kyneton Marist Brothers Old Boys Association Inc



Fishing Extravaganza

The annual visit to Torrumbarry Weir Tourist Park for 2019 is over.

Read about it at Committee Meetings [Information about our mates]

Happy Birthday

27 Years before Decimal Currency Michael John Law was born on 14 February 1939

Mick celebrated his 80th birthday on Thursday 14 Feb 2019.

Some years ago the punters in the know would not have bet on him making it, but his determination and good medical treatment got him past the post.

Congratulations Mick!

Keeping in touch:



Frank Walsh is now residing at at Villa Maria Catholic Homes Star of the Sea Torquay.1290 Horseshoe Bend Rd, Torquay VIC 3228  Phone5264 3500. The management passed on our Christmas greetings.


A comprehensive record of deceased Old Boys can be found at the Annual Reunion page by clicking on the Deceased Old Boys icon.

If you are aware of any additions or corrections please let us know.


The 2020 annual reunion will be held on Sunday 26 January

It will be our 73rd meeting




Servabo Fidem    


Banjo Patterson’s poem advises of the formation of an institution called “The Geebung Polo Club” and contains a line “By the old Campaspe River where the breezes shake the grass”.


Banjo was probably referring to the Campaspe River in Queensland not the one that rises at Ashbourne near Kyneton in Victoria.


Whatever the truth may be there is an institution at Kyneton in Victoria which although not in Banjo’s poems is not dissimilar to the Geebung Polo Club.


There exists an arguably unique institution called the Kyneton Marist Brothers Old Boys Association Inc [MBOBA] which as the name infers is associated with the Kyneton Community.


The Marist Brothers taught at Kyneton from 1926 until 1967 , yet although the school has been closed longer that it was open, the alumni association is still as vibrant as it was when founded in 1947.  



One of the early events was the designing of a badge to be part of the school uniform. The badge was designed by Brother Louis the first director in 1926 and was supplied by A H Wittenback of Richmond. The badge of very neat appearance contains the school colours. Cerise – typifies the Sacred Heart, Blue – the Blessed Virgin Mary, Gold – our sun drenched country, Australia with a golden heart.

The symbols are the Southern Cross – Australia’s emblem [using that as depicted on the Victorian state flag]. The lamp and open book of knowledge and the Marist monogram. Around them a laurel of victory and the motto Servabo Fidem   [I will keep the faith.]

The Old Boys Association took the school badge and incorporated it into the Association shield by adding the wording that appears at the bottom



The school hymn Faith of our Fathers is detailed at Annual Reunion page




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