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Twenty members and friends attended the 2014 fishing weekend at Torrumbarry which this year was held a few weeks earlier. Apart from later breakfasts and evening meals due to still being in daylight savings time, the consensus was that the slightly warmer weather was a benefit. But Roly Sandilands did not accept this and still had fires that reminded us of the “hobs of hell”.

A first time guest Graeme Edwards sent an email as soon as he got home which read: –

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and being welcomed into the group by such a great bunch of “characters”.

I found the minute’s silence a very moving experience although I had never met any of the past members in your thoughts. Such genuine comradeship is both rare and priceless.

If considered worthy of another invitation next year, I would be pleased and honoured to accept.

It was a weekend where we not only had guests like Graeme, but also some mates who returned to the fold. Mick Law who has been battling cancer for the past several years came along to support his brothers Leo and Peter and remarked that he had not had so much enjoyment since before he was stricken with the dreaded disease. He regaled us with stories of his time in the railways and the SEC as well as contracting in remote Queensland.

Notable mentions [and that is all allowed in print] about Kyneton identities Joey Johannsen and Hunter McWhinney had the audience spellbound. Football is always to the fore when Aussie blokes get together and so “Doctor” Jack Krimble, Dickie Moore and others were also mentioned.

An earlier report about the Annual General meeting needs some clarification after a drop in visit from Echuca residents Moe Keegan and Ray Wallace. Ray was a member of the Crickets vocal group and was not mentioned in the story. Someone said he was known as Flanders at school!! Apologies Ray.

Michael Halley and the Lavery Brothers [Gerry and Jack] spent some time exploring ancestors as they are related, but through two different maternal grandmothers in the Parsell family tree. In that discussion it was revealed that Terry Rowe [rabbit] an Old Boy now living at Meringur is an avid visitor to our web site. Welcome Terry!! We had two Terry Rowes at school. The other spelt Terrance had a vocation to be a Marist Brother but was killed in a car crash before finishing his training.

Arthur Clarke butchered one of his lambs and dug a half bag of potatoes for the camp. He then came away and left the lamb’s fry in the frig at home. This was greeted with joy by those who do not partake in eating offal [or as the Americans says variety meat] and sorrows by those who look forward to an annual treat. Camp cook Leo Law has forbidden Artie form using his cooking utensils.

The fare was as usual up to cordon blue standard with an abundance and spare for the Kookaburras. It was noticeable that the only fish eaten was frozen fillets that had been imported from China. Basic good tucker is always supplied and if you do not overfill your plate the weight you are on arrival can be the same when you leave. But some are just gormandisers!! The low calorie deserts are selected to balance to carbohydrate intake from potatoes cooked in many forms and the occasional drink of beer.

The Possum Trophy was awarded jointly to Len Young and Flemmo and is detailed more fully in the Committee Meetings/information about our mates page.