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The annual fish frying event took place on Sunday 8 December watched over by “Sister Hanna’s’ Banner” and with the cricket on the screen but with the commentary muted..

The humid afternoon did not detract from the enjoyment with a good numbers in attendance. There were a few absences but it was know in advance that they would not be attending. Each year another new generation of one of our member families is added to the attendance.

It was the first time that Father Joe Rhys was in attendance at one of our get together undertakings, and he was quite busy meeting and greeting.

The cooks and servers were busy delivering platters to the buffet counter. The selection was deep fried fish, dim-sim, scallops, potato cakes and chips all fresh out of the fryer. After the main course had been consumed the ladies homemade presentation of low calorie deserts was the next fare to be attempted. Very soon all platters were cleaned up!

Our two emeritus Old Boys, Jack Willmott and Leo Ramsdale manned the registration desk and conducted the fund raiser for which they are known far and wide. The maître-de Brian Fleming ensured that they were fed at their table so none got in without an entrance ticket. When the draw was conducted it was ironic that Kevin Law who needs the aid of a walking stick went home with a new pair of boots. Three other people including Vice President David Ramsdale had a new pair of socks to start the festive season. [David when not in his Vice President Role is known as Jack]

Jack’s mother Cath was there to see him in a role other than her son. President Arthur Clarke was a late arrival so it fell to David to make a Christmas gift to Father Joe who had to leave after the first course. When Artie did arrive and eat to his full he made further presentation to our religious supporters and also thanked the Kyneton Football Netball Club for the use of the social clubroom.

The wrap up was when Santa arrived and gave the children a small memento of the 2013 event. All who attended were complimentary of the select few who contributed to another memorable day.