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Committee Meetings [Iformation about our mates}


Jim Duggan Inaugural Member

Six degrees of separation!

Wodonga is a good three hours’ drive from Kyneton but the recent passing of a long-time resident of Wodonga somehow shortened the distance. 

James Joseph (Jim) Duggan was born and raised in Gisborne and attended the Kyneton Marist Brothers school. In the ensuing years he settled at Wodonga and was highly respected in the community, as the memorial notices showed after his death on 23 September 2017.

Jim attained the great age of ninety-one and was well-known to another Kynetonian Frank Harahan who also lives in Wodonga and represented the Kyneton Marist Brothers Old Boys Association at the funeral mass.

The Marist Brothers came to Kyneton on Sunday, July 25, 1926, and the Guardian of Tuesday July 27, 1926, says: "The arrival of the Marist Brothers in Kyneton is regarded as a great historical event in the annals of St. Mary's parish, marking as it does the commencement of another and more progressive era in the educational activities of the church in this district, and supplying from a Catholic viewpoint a long-felt want. . . .” 

To commemorate the coming of the Marist Brothers to Kyneton, a 21st Birthday celebration was held at Kyneton on August 2-3 1947, when 150 past students gathered at a reunion dinner from many parts of Victoria, and later formed an Old Boys' Association. 

One of the past pupils that attended the 21st was Jim Duggan also in his twenty-first year. The teenaged Jim also features in the school football team of 1940.

A photograph of the team supplied by Jack Pattison was circulated and brought family connections to the fore. Mick Vague identified three uncles, Gerald Smith, Tom Brereton, and Jim Hughes whilst David Gellion saw his dad Jack as a young lad.

Whilst the school closed in 1966 the Old Boys Association is still active in the community, and has held an annual reunion every year since the first those seventy years ago.

The school motto is Servabo Fidem  which translates to keep the faith. Jim Duggan is one who honoured the teaching of the Brothers. He also followed the teaching profession and attained the rank of Head Master.

So if you or any family member attended the school at the Corner of Powlett and Hutton streets please contact any of the well-known committee members detailed on the web site www.maristbrothersoldboys.com.au  

On the web site is an Honour Roll where the names of deceased Old Boys are recorded. The list is far from complete so if you have any information they will be glad to receive any advice.



Leo Francis Ramsdale OAM Life Member MBOBA

Here is a summation of the last hours we spent with our esteemed colleague.

Old Boys Muster for Pal

The Kyneton Marist Brothers Old Boys Association [Old Boys] was formed in 1946 when Leo Francis Ramsdale had been at the school for the duration of world war two. When Leo joined the alumni is lost in the pages of history.

The young lad who joined the Commonwealth Bank in 1948 wrote some of the pages of the Old Boys history but on 15 June 2014 sadly departed from his mortal life. An infrequently used word ‘anthropol’ describes a senior member of a tribe who has influence or authority, and Leo certainly had plenty of that even up to his last weeks.

Not only did he influence the Old Boys but a myriad of other community organisations in Kyneton. The importance showed up he was nominated and awarded an Order of Australia Medal [OAM]in the General Division in 1990. This award was supported by various community acclamations all of which have been reported widely in the local media over the years.

The motto of the Old Boys is Servabo Fidem which is literally translated “I will keep the faith”. And keep the faith he did over his lifetime. It was not only religious faith that he kept but also faith in his fellow citizens and in particular the Old Boys. He even had faith in a football team now known as the Western Bulldogs which when he commenced his passionate support was Footscray.

 These achievements were reinforced when Leo was committed to the grave on 20 June 2014. Not only did the current President and three committee members of the Old Boys be selected as pall bearers to support his sons Chris and Paul, but over forty past pupils of the Kyneton Marist Brothers formed a guard of honour.

The church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary was filled to overflowing as the Mass of Thanksgiving was concelebrated by a plethora of Priests who supported Father Joe Rhys the Parish Priest. The graveside was surrounded by more people than sometimes attended the Western Oval in support of the Bulldogs.

Father Joe related to the congregation about when he arrived in Kyneton and was unpacking his car. He was approached by a man who exclaimed “welcome Pal………….there is a flat for sale over there that you should buy”. How are you going Pal was Leo’s greeting to all and sundry boomed out in his distinctive voice! He also had distinctive handwriting and put it to work sending condolence and other greeting cards to families of the Old Boys. Leading up to the Annual Reunion Leo would write as many as fifty invitations. Always an important item on the finance report was the cost of postage.

Leo dedicated many hours to the Old Boys and held the important position of Public Officer when the association was incorporated. He was a stickler for conformance with the Constitution and the various rules that apply to such associations. He had several years as Treasurer although accompanied by a lot of chiacking due to his 42 years in banking.

His son Chris related Leo’s last hours in the intensive care ward after his massive heart attack on Saturday 15 June. His beloved Bulldogs defeated the arch rival Collingwood. Leo was unconscious but the doctors advised to keep a conversation with him so the Bulldogs superior play was among the last words Pal would hear. Chris said ‘he gave his heart to the bulldogs’.

Leo’s life partner Violet wrote the history of St Mary’s Mission Kyneton entitled The Journey turns Full Circle on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary in 2002. V.I Ramsdale is shown as the writer. In the acknowledgment page V.I mentions her patient family which no doubt included not only ours, but her pal. 

We often hear the phrase a man for all seasons! Pal was truly a man for all seasons and with his rusted on mate Jack Willmott braved even the worst of Kyneton’s weather to conduct community service.

Thursday the 19th was a day of eight Celsius in Kyneton and a fog that hung around for many hours. Someone had remarked that Leo would be up in Heaven organising things. Friday the day of the commemoration was nearly twice as warm and at the graveside the wind abated and the sun shone. Form you own conclusions!!


Written by Michael Halley



This page often contains information that is also under Committee Meetings page. From May 2011 the latest news will be on the top of the page not at the bottom.

2014 Fishing Trip

Twenty members and friends attended the 2014 fishing weekend at Torrumbarry which this year was held a few weeks earlier. Apart from later breakfasts and evening meals due to still being in daylight savings time, the consensus was that the slightly warmer weather was a benefit. But Roly Sandilands did not accept this and still had fires that reminded us of the “hobs of hell”. 

A first time guest Graeme Edwards sent an email as soon as he got home which read: -

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and being welcomed into the group by such a great bunch of “characters”. 


I found the minute’s silence a very moving experience although I had never met any of the past members in your thoughts. Such genuine comradeship is both rare and priceless.


If considered worthy of another invitation next year, I would be pleased and honoured to accept.



It was a weekend where we not only had guests like Graeme, but also some mates who returned to the fold. Mick Law who has been battling cancer for the past several years came along to support his brothers Leo and Peter and remarked that he had not had so much enjoyment since before he was stricken with the dreaded disease. He regaled us with stories of his time in the railways and the SEC as well as contracting in remote Queensland.

 Notable mentions [and that is all allowed in print] about Kyneton identities Joey Johannsen and Hunter McWhinney had the audience spellbound. Football is always to the fore when Aussie blokes get together and so “Doctor” Jack Krimble, Dickie Moore and others were also mentioned. 

An earlier report about the Annual General meeting needs some clarification after a drop in visit from Echuca residents Moe Keegan and Ray Wallace. Ray was a member of the Crickets vocal group and was not mentioned in the story. Someone said he was known as Flanders at school!! Apologies Ray.

 Michael Halley and the Lavery Brothers [Gerry and Jack] spent some time exploring ancestors as they are related, but through two different maternal grandmothers in the Parsell family tree. In that discussion it was revealed that Terry Rowe [rabbit] an Old Boy now living at Meringur is an avid visitor to our web site. Welcome Terry!! We had two Terry Rowes at school. The other spelt Terrance had a vocation to be a Marist Brother but was killed in a car crash before finishing his training.    

Arthur Clarke butchered one of his lambs and dug a half bag of potatoes for the camp. He then came away and left the lamb’s fry in the frig at home. This was greeted with joy by those who do not partake in eating offal [or as the Americans says variety meat] and sorrows by those who look forward to an annual treat. Camp cook Leo Law has forbidden Artie form using his cooking utensils.

The fare was as usual up to cordon blue standard with an abundance and spare for the Kookaburras. It was noticeable that the only fish eaten was frozen fillets that had been imported from China. Basic good tucker is always supplied and if you do not overfill your plate the weight you are on arrival can be the same when you leave. But some are just gormandisers!!  The low calorie deserts are selected to balance to carbohydrate intake from potatoes cooked in many forms and the occasional drink of beer.  

The Possum Trophy was awarded jointly to Len Young and Flemmo and is detailed more fully in the Committee Meetings/information about our mates page.


2013 Fish Fry Day

The annual fish frying event took place on Sunday 8 December watched over by “Sister Hanna’s’ Banner” and with the cricket on the screen but with the commentary muted..

The humid afternoon did not detract from the enjoyment with a good numbers in attendance. There were a few absences but it was know in advance that they would not be attending. Each year another new generation of one of our member families is added to the attendance.

It was the first time that Father Joe Rhys was in attendance at one of our get together undertakings, and he was quite busy meeting and greeting.

The cooks and servers were busy delivering platters to the buffet counter. The selection was deep fried fish, dim-sim, scallops, potato cakes and chips all fresh out of the fryer. After the main course had been consumed the ladies homemade presentation of low calorie deserts was the next fare to be attempted. Very soon all platters were cleaned up!

Our two emeritus Old Boys, Jack Willmott and Leo Ramsdale manned the registration desk and conducted the fund raiser for which they are known far and wide. The maître-de Brian Fleming ensured that they were fed at their table so none got in without an entrance ticket. When the draw was conducted it was ironic that Kevin Law who needs the aid of a walking stick went home with a new pair of boots. Three other people including Vice President David Ramsdale had a new pair of socks to start the festive season. [David when not in his Vice President Role is known as Jack]

Jack’s mother Cath was there to see him in a role other than her son. President Arthur Clarke was a late arrival so it fell to David to make a Christmas gift to Father Joe who had to leave after the first course. When Artie did arrive and eat to his full he made further presentation to our religious supporters and also thanked the Kyneton Football Netball Club for the use of the social clubroom.

The wrap up was when Santa arrived and gave the children a small memento of the 2013 event. All who attended were complimentary of the select few who contributed to another memorable day.



Memories from Tony Colwell

I have just seen, amongst the photos on the web site, a photo of a group of kids at St Teresa’s Circa 1949. In that photo is a teacher, Ruth McCarthy, as a young woman. She was my aunt, as my mother and she are sisters.


I believe that the photo would probably have been taken in 1946. I commenced school at St Teresa’s in 1948 and she certainly was not there then. I cannot recall her being there in 1947 either as I do not recall my parents mentioning her being there. Hence I believe it was in 1946. She would have been 19 or 20. Ruth passed away this year in May. 




There are several names that I remember from Kyneton in that photo but as we left Kyneton in 1954 many names have slipped away. I can remember Frank Hanrahan and last saw him when I was living in Wangaratta. I had umpired the seconds game between Yarrawonga and Wodonga at Yarrawonga and he was playing in the seniors. At 3/4 time I went onto the ground and spoke to him. That was in 1964.




I can recall winning the under 8 cross country in 1951. If memory serves me correctly we ran from the school to the Wesley corner, then along Ebden St to Simpson St, then up to the hospital, along Wedge St and then back up Hutton St to the school. O the same day Peter Main won the seniors cross country. For winning I got a small book but the name of it has slipped away.


You mentioned in the email about me still having hair.  You must have the emails mixed up as I have very little hair.






Information about the death of Des O'Brien is recorded under ANNUAL REUNION Deceased Old Boys.

We received two itmes of interest from Old Boys who had a bit more information: -

Hello to all at the Marist Old Boys,

Today I read on the web site where a Des O’Brien had passed away tragically in a boating accident in WA. I did not know him, but the story mentioned another Des O’Brien who you believe came from Gisborne.

I believe he was from Woodend where his father, Joe in partnership with his uncle, Frank ran the O’Brien grocery store which was situated in High Street a few doors up from Keatings Hotel.

This Des O’Brien had a brother Gerald (known as Tim) who is/was very involved with the Kyneton Racing Club. From my recollection Des probably attended the Brothers during the period 1954 – 1958.

Tim O’Brien was quite an accomplished athlete and won a distance event at the Stawell Gift carnival.

Regards to all,

Tony Colwell 1951 –1954.

I knew nothing of the recently-deceased Des O’Brien for he was after my time.  However, the earlier Des O’Brien was indeed tall.  In fact he was the school’s tallest boy during his final year there, i.e.1958.  Tall Des hailed from Woodend.  His brother, a year or two younger, is officially named Gerard but since those days has been known only as Tim.   He has an accountancy firm in the Woodend CBD.  I have spoken with him a few times at Kyneton races.




Gerard Danaher 18/8/13


P.S:  A stunning announcement:-  Deceased past-student Father Ray Beare baptised me at Little River in 1946.



The annual fishing trip to Torrumbarry was held a few weeks earlier, due to the request by some that it would be warmer in April than in mid-May. So it came to pass, and the three days on the banks of the Murray passed into our history with many mementoes for future discussion.

Pilot programs for some spin off Television shows were made during the weekend. My Camp Kitchen Rules and The Biggest Winner [as opposed to the biggest loser] may never get to prime time showing but have the makings of good entertainment.

Camp Kitchen Rules include; never bother to wash the cook’s pots and pans as they will not be good enough and will get the maestros attention before the next repast is prepared. Always check under a tea towel before placing spare plates on top. Serve Dim-Sims but keep the unopened soy sauce hidden away and bring your own Weet-Bix or other breakfast cereal. Do not request pork crackling as the risk to the cook is too great.

Black wattle was considered to be inferior wood for the camp fire and was subject to much criticism, but the detractor continued to accept the warmth. Roly Sandilands who normally keeps the fires stoked as high as the hobs of hell was absent this year due to his ongoing issue with a broken shoulder so some wood was left over at closing time.

But each year we get a bit smarter!  The “General Electric” washing machine [Gerry Lavery] was introduced to the assembly and proved to be the best innovation for some years. At the “last supper” we had more diners than plates as the Keegan Family from Moama were day attendees not boarders like the contingent from the south. But it was easy to wash plates as the early starters finished and provide new plates and cutlery for the second sitting.

No critique as to plating ability was made as no judges had been appointed but as it was individual choice it would have been an impossible task in any case. No one complained about the quality or quantity so the proof is in the pudding. This year Friday pudding was lemon and apricot cheesecake and Saturday a self-saucing chocolate cake both prepared by Mick Halley but with his own kitchen rules.

It was a bit of a family affair with more than one member and generation of several in attendance. Ray Fleming introduced “SIL” [so named by Pup Law] AKA Troy is soon to be a son-in-law. Not only did Troy catch his first fish he was privy to the Fleming culture beyond the home front. 

The race tipping competition became the pilot for the “Biggest Winner” when Brendan Keegan put in a Black Caviar performance with five straight winners. He claimed to not have any inside knowledge and to be not a serious punter but the serious punters amongst the congregation ran well behind daylight when the results were published. A fast finisher threatened Brendan’s hold on the purse but his staying ability proved superior.

There was of course fishing and Leo Law continued his proven ability to snare fish where others only catch a wet line. There were some nice Yellow Belly brought back to camp and a couple were first ever catches by the excited rod holders. They were then given a lesson in cleaning and filleting fish so they will come again. The cleaning teachers were not so prolific in catching.

There is nothing like a full belly and a cosy fire to refresh memories, so many tales of past adventures were relayed much to the enjoyment of the stayers and players. Some who were not in attendance may have had burning ears but nothing defamatory was said!

Apart from Roly our colleague Kevin “Sunny” Sundblom was an absentee due to a serious battle with cancer. Their absence should have kept everyone in camp but Danny Bowe, Jack Ramsdale and others escaped to attend to outside interests. Kevin Willey was absent due to family commitments and was missed by all of those who met him last year.

At Breakfast on the last morning President Arthur Clarke acknowledged the camp cooks and all those who assisted to deliver another memorable event. We held a minutes silence to remember those who had died and gone fishing in Heaven. Members who are on the sick list were also remembered and prayed for individually.

The trophy for the outstanding performance during the weekend has been recast and is now The Possum Trophy to honour Brother Paul Bourke. Had there been judges for My Camp Kitchen Rules Barry Grose would have been discussed when he introduced smashed rather than mashed potatoes for Friday’s evening meal. This was caused by his judgement and dexterity being impaired.

So Barry will have his name engraved for prosperity and be the custodian of the trophy until 2014 when some other attendee will be afforded [or not] the opportunity to qualify.



The “fish day” was held on Sunday 16 December 2012 with a good turnout of families. The volunteer cooks did a splendid job as always and the ladies excelled with the desert platters. At least one notch of the belt will be extended by some!

Immediate Past President Roly Sandilands attended with his arm in a sling. During the previous week he had the misfortune to crash his ride on mower and break his upper arm in three places. He will be attending the Royal Melbourne Hospital to have “keyhole” surgery and pins inserted.

Father Barry Caldwell has retired from active duties and will leave Kyneton in early January. Father Barry came to Kyneton five years ago and has been a true supporter of the Old Boys. Before he arrived there were three priests in Kyneton and one at Trentham but the parlous state of vocations has meant that only one priest now covers both congregations. 

Ninety three year old Jack Wilmott our elder statesman, made a presentation to Father Barry on behalf of the Old Boys. He remarked that Father Barry did not look old enough to retire to which the response was “the inside is not as good looking as the outside”. Barry said he had really enjoyed his time at Kyneton except for the winters.

A presentation was also made to Sister Joan who incidentally is currently the only sister at Kyneton, but she expects the other sisters to come home during 2013. Always willing to take the spotlight Jack advised us that he was born in the house where the sisters now live.

None were able to attract the attention of the children like Santa who discussed private matters with each and handed them an icy-pole and chocolate treat. Santa also had some conversation with adults but it appeared to be “secret men’s’ business”. 

The next reunion is our seventieth [Association formed in 1943] and we are hopeful that a large number of past pupils will make the pilgrimage to Kyneton on 27 January.



The annual fishing trip to Torrumbarry was again memorable with fine weather and fish on the bite. Leo Law’s rod snared a six pound yellow belly but as we were packing up the camp advice came that a bigger one had been caught. The scales had been packed away which allows for a good fishing story.


Nineteen people attended but once again there were several no-shows which caused an oversupply of food. [Once again!]

The “downlow award” went to associate Kevin Willey [schooled at St Patricks Ballarat]: -



Ø  Took his rods and bait but did not open them

Ø  Went to Echuca to the shops 

Ø  Won the tipping contest and took their money

Ø  Said he was going to bed at 9pm but stopped yarning until 10.10

  Montage of participants CLICK HERE 

 March 2012

The Macedon Ranges Guardian had a story and photograph in the March 16 2012 issue on page 2. A copy can be had by request through any committee member or Contact Us on web site!

Click Here

The defibrillators were delivered to the four schools on Friday 24 February. Greg Gibson the extraordinarily professional person who supplied the machine attended and explained the fundamentals. He was to attend each school and give further instructions regarding the use and placement.

We were later advised that the High School mentioned that their 100 year celebrations were being held before Greg planned to visit the schools. He made a special trip on his rest day to set up the unit. Perhaps the installation was enough because no attendee suffered any illness during the weekend celebrations.

The location of the defibrillators is now included in the Ambulance data base. 


Michael John [Mick] Law had his final check-up after ultra sound recently

and has the all clear. Peter said to him “it was good to finally get a winner as things have been pretty lean in the punting stakes”.

Their brother Kevin had an operation to correct an abnormality and is recovering quite well


January 2012

The Law family is the news event of the the new year. It is mostly good news. Leo has attained the young age of seventy. Mick underwent his last chemotherapy treatment recently and is now in better health than through the last year. Peter is still looking after his health and contributing to the Old Boys . Kevin unfortunately has some surgery to come but the prognosis is that after-wards he will be fine.

November 2011

We were advised that Ray Wallace has recently had a triple bypass operation but is well and on the road to recovery.

Mick Law is still undergoing chemotherapy and is a bit of-put by the interference to the Spring Racing.


Brendon Walsh, who along with Maurice was in the same class as Peter Law at the old school!

Brendon has driven a concrete truck for years, but like a lot of us needed a hip replacement. He is now ambulatory with a walking stick having graduated from a walking frame. He stated the new hip has made a world of difference to him....so he is keeping up the rehab but it will be sometime before he returns to work. [Phone 5422 1602]  


JULY 2011

Mick Law had a spell in hospital to have a cancer removed from his bowel. The surgeons gave him a positive outcome and he has time at home to recuperate. According to his brother Peter his target is to get to the "lucky shop".

MAY 2011

The 2011 fishing trip to Torrumbarry was another great weekend. Arthur Clarke caught the most fish which were filleted, battered , fried and consumed within the hour.

The name for the perpetual trophy is Leo Law who immersed his boat without the bungs. He lodged a protest claiming that is was not part of fishing but the protest flag was quickly removed from the mast.

Last man standing will be conducted at Piper Street Hotel on 17 July. Tickets available from any committee member.


  • At the August 2008 meeting it was advised that the proceeds of the last wood drive that Kev Tresidder attended were handed onto a family in necessitous circumstances. Concern was raised about which two people will be able to handle the work that Kev contributed. 
  • There are two photos in Photo Gallery showing Kev supervising Roly and Flemmo!  
  • John Hassed who was a boarder along with his brother Joe [who is deceased] from 1947 to 1952 sent in a series of photos . Two have been added to the Photo Gallery [see Testimonials] Details of the group photo were not able to be fully displayed but will be provided if requested. The open classroom is mentioned in the Testimonial from Brother Marius
  • A donation was made to Our Lady of the Rosary church to assist in the provision of wheel chair access to the entrance on the right hand side.
  • Brother Tom recently celebrated another birthday.
  • Greg Pullen posted a request on the web site " My grandfather (John Roch 'Jack' Cuddihy) attended this school to year 11 - suggesting it was between early and late 1930's. I'm told his brothers attended as well. Would you have information on him or them? " We were unable to glean much information but will gladly accept contributions.
  • Someone sent a message through the contact page but only a blank page was received. We are not ignoring you-------------please repeat request
  • A search for records turned up trumps and at the October meeting they were available for inspection. Secretary Jack exclaimed "it is a waste of time Mr President everyone is looking at photographs" President Roly replied "so am I ".
  • It is intended to search the records and collate any important information that we may have forgotten!
  • The Old Boys recently held a working bee at the Presbytery when a major clean up of the grounds took place. Labour was supplied by the lads but machinery was also needed. Roly Sandilands provided the tractor, Artie Clarke co-opted his nephews’s truck and Brian Fleming made a couple of tip runs.
  • An historic moment occurred at the end of the work. Father offered a cold refreshment but all decided to pass as they were driving home. Peter Law in thanking Father explained “if we start we may not stop”.
  •  The weather on Sunday 7 December was idyllic for the Christmas Break up held at the Kyneton Racecourse.  The extended families of fifteen old boys made for a memorable day and many activities were undertaken, more-so by the young ones than the older generation. But each in their own way and time participated in what has become an important event on our annual activities calender.
  • The fish, chips, potato cakes, scallops and dim-sims cooked to perfection by the newly appointed chefs Jack Ramsdale and Len Young were arguably five star standard. The trays of food were delivered by the servers Brian Fleming and Peter Law and were swooped on like the veritable "seagull on a hot chip". The cooked food was complimented by the excellent salads and accompaniments provided by the ladies. Low calorie deserts were also available and eaten with gay abandon----------------after all it is close to Christmas.
  • Santa arrived and treated the children to ice-cream and sweets [provided by Jim Barron] and gifts from Santa's own workshop.
  • President Roly Sandilands [after a kip in his new Ute] acknowledged the attendees and the effort made by all to make the day enjoyable. He made a presentation of a cheque for $2500 to Father as our contribution to wheel-chair access at the church. An enveloped gift was also presented to the "men of the cloth" who support our activities.
  • Some photos in the album!
  • We have started contacting past pupils that have "slipped through the net"  LAURIE RUTTER responded: -
  • I think I was a student in 1963/4 (Grade 5 and 6). Brother Boniface was the principle and Brother Arnold the teacher – I think I remember a young Brother Kevin also. I remember my fellow pupils included Michael Bourke, Michael O’Shanessy, Garry Sheppard, Dennis Sheppard, Adrian Plowman and Shane Hoctor (Father Shane).
  • My younger brother Desmond Francis Rutter also attended the Marist Brothers at Kyneton– not sure of the years (perhaps 64/65) . Des has passed-away from Cancer leaving Sharon, his wife, and two children Matthew and Elizabeth. My other younger brothers Gerard and Tony (Anthony) both attended the Convent for their schooling.
  • May 2009 the “last man standing” organised by Treasurer Len Young was conducted on Sunday 17 May 2009. Geoff Peters and Travis Law shared the prize which is allowed in the rules. Brian Fleming battled hard all day but his ticket came out third last which gained the same prize as the first one out…. A big fat zero!
  • Owen Spurway asked about the building of the school when he provided the photo included in the photo gallery [go to Testimonials]. The St Mary’s Mission Kyneton history helped: -
  • 1916 By this time, the old primary school in Wedge Street was not meeting health regulations, so a decision was made to build a new one on the site of the old boys’ school. In the south west corner of the ground the corner of Hutton and Powlett Streets. To be of wooden structure, costing nine hundred pounds. M J Payne the Architect
  • 1918 Archbishop Mannix blesses new school. Brick with a tiled roof! Three large rooms with a shelter shed etc. Cost 2294 pounds with 300 pounds owing.
  • 1922 195 pounds from Junior Queen Carnival to aid school piano fund
  • 1925 Send off to Mr T Carroll in appreciation of service during past 27 years.
  • BROTHERS arrived 1926
  • THE LAWN BOWLS night was held on 24 February 2010
  • RESULTS: -
  • The winning rink was BARRY GROSE Skipper TREVOR WEBB Second and President ROLY Leader.
  • A good roll up and a great night had by all....Jack Ramsdale cooked supper and supplied pizzas which helped to take the chill out of the night air.
  • One commentator suggested that with Roly shooting them down from the hip it must have been a raffle for him to get a winners certificate.
  • Melbourne Floods in March
  • Peter Law has a story to tell about visiting Melbourne on the weekend of the severe hail and rain storms on  6 and 7 March. His car became trapped by flooding of a car park and efforts to catch a train home were quite interesting. The saga did not end then as on return to get his car on Sunday the car park was not opened for some hours after his arrival. 
  • Crowes under attack!
  • Johnnie Crowe is not in very good health but according to Mick is accepting his condition and lives each day as it comes. Frank [Fledgling] recently fell off a ladder and has his arm in a sling. Reports are that he has an exercise program to strengthen the left arm!
  • Wood Drives
  • Artie Clarke sold his property where the wood for various donations and raffles has been sourced for many years. The bill of sale had a codicil to entitle the Old Boys to as much wood as needed.
  • Michael O'Riley
  • We have been in contact with Michael O’Riley ,who was at school with Ray Fleming ,Jack O’Dea, Noel Boyer and others.
  • His father was the publican of the Malmsbury hotel and Michael is at present the principal at All Hallows Primary School Balwyn.
  • Michael asked that we pass on his email address and he has made a note to attend the 2011 reunion-           moriley@ahbalwyn.catholic.edu.au
  • Terry Rahill
  • Terry contacted us and left his details
  • Email:  terbev@bigpond.com Telephone:  02 66 850 250
  • Schwerdfeger Family
  • We had contact via the web site as follows: -Just surfing the net and found your home page. My father Ernest (Ernie)Schwerdfeger attended school there prior to WW2 and was a member of the old boys for many years. Ernie passed away on 6 FEBRUARY 2005. My brother John and I attended school there in the early 60\'s prior to leaving Kyneton.
  • Clohesy!
  • Pat [described as the ageing horse trainer] is celebrating his 70th birthday over the weekend of the 16th/17th.
  • His daughter Cilla Ward was the winner of the wood raffle conducted along with a sausage sizzle on Saturday 9 October.
  • To round off the “takeover” Pat and Peter’s nephew Nick Adams has joined the committee.
  • OLDER OLD BOYS [27 November 2010]
  • Jack Willmott after preparing his speech to be delivered as he officially opened the 150th Kyneton Agricultural Show had a fall and ended up at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Jack was discharged on 7 December and is back in Kyneton for R&R . He has had a pacemaker fitted and some other repair work.
  • Leo Ramsdale OAM grabbed Jack's prepared speech and officially opened the show! Leo also had a spell of six days in Kyneton Hospital. Laurie Marshall also underwent some surgery and advises "take the general anesthetic!"
  • There were around 20 families who attended the "Fish Day" on Sunday 5 December at the Football Club-rooms. The co-opted chefs again did us proud and the ladies brought sumptuous salads and deserts. The children enjoyed playing and eating and hep led Santa to empty the sack of presents.
  • President Roly imitated Santa earlier when he thanked the members who had assisted on the day and before. He gave a Christmas Gift to the clerical friends who came for lunch.
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